Most Frequently Asked Questions

list of the most frequently asked questions from customers

Conservatory insulations- Photo from Conservatory Roof Insulation Systems

Conservatory roof insulation-Sheffield

Will you follow covid-19 guidelines

Yes we have a strict policy to ensure for yours and our installation teams safety.



My Conservatory is just too Hot to use in Warm Weather, Will your Conservatory with insulated roof cure this?

Yes, once we’ve insulated the underside of your Conservatory roof the conservatory will be 75% cooler on the hottest summer day



Which Option of your Insulated Conservatory Roof is the most popular, Plaster or UPVC?

At the moment UPVC seems the most popular choice with customers because of its low maintenance and cheaper cost option, compared to the more bespoke plastered  finish. Plaster finish, you have to paint like any other ceiling in your home giving your Conservatory With Insulated Roof a more traditional feel, whereas UPVC once it’s up that’s it may be a quick wipe down every few years.



I’ve been told by some companies that their insulation is used by Nasa, Is yours?

No, that’s just a salesperson trying their best to pull the wool over your eyes to gain a sale. So if a company or salesman tells you this when you call them, you know that company isn’t very trustworthy No insulation that’s used to insulate conservatories in the UK is used by NASA



How long have you been in business insulating conservatory roofs, and what makes you stand out from other Companies?

We are the original innovators of the Conservatory roof insulation-concept and were the first website to advertise conservatory roof insulation to the public online.

Our First installation was in 2003 So we have a vast knowledge base and years of experience in what insulation solutions work best in conservatories and what doesn’t.



Will there be much mess for me to clear up?

No, not at all

our friendly installation engineers will leave your insulated conservatory roof looking spick & span

ready for you to enjoy your beautiful new insulated Conservatory in comfort.



Will you check my Conservatory roof before you start any work

Yes Absolutely, we wouldn’t want to waste our time or your money installing you an insulated conservatory roof that’s not going to last for years to come.

We’ll check your conservatory for slipped polycarbonate roof panels or leaking seals and put right if any are found.



Why do I keep getting condensation on the inside of my Conservatory roof, sometimes in the morning we have a small puddle of water on the conservatory floor will having a conservatory with Insulated Roof Help?

Yes, having a Conservatory with insulated roof, will virtually eliminate the chances of condensation. The main reason conservatories suffer from condensation is because Warm air rises from your central heating or other heat source and because polycarbonate or glass roof panels have virtually no thermal insulation properties, more so polycarbonate. Warm air rises and meets a cold surface which is known as due point, your polycarbonate roof panels will suffer condensation more so if there’s no ventilation or if it’s cold outdoors. Conservatories that are North or North-East facing tend to suffer more from condensation problems. Also not using your Conservatory as a laundry room will help with condensation also.



Will it take long to install the conservatory roof insulation?

No, not at all. We always allow two days to complete the installation using our two-man teams we won’t rush just to get the job done in one day like some,thats when mistakes happen. We like to leave a 100% first-class job every time.



I have a ceiling fan light, can you take it down and put it back up or replace it for me once the conservatory insulation is installed?

Yes, we can. That’s all part of the service. Quite a lot of customers buy a new light fitting to go with their new insulated conservatory roof and ask us to put that up instead



Do you supply lighting options?

Yes, we can supply and install low watt Energy efficient led downlighting if requested



Could you install a false insulated ceiling with a plasterboard and plaster finish to my lean-to Conservatory?

In most cases yes we can



How many of your people will come to install my roof?

Normally two people per team depending on the Conservatory size.



Do I need planning permission?

No, the exterior of the conservatory is not changed so planning permission is not required.



Will the inside shape of my conservatory change?

No the internal shape of your conservatory will stay the same.

So if you have for instance a victorian or Edwardian Conservatory with its vaulted profile, it will still be vaulted once our conservatory insulation has been installed.



Will my conservatory look any different on the outside?

No, your conservatory’s appearance will look no different on the outside.



Do you offer a choice in PVC colour finishes?

No, we only install white PVC because we find it keeps your Conservatory nice and bright



Will I lose much headroom?

No, overall the thickness of the ceiling with insulation is around 80mm.



Will I lose much light?

You will only lose around 10% light loss because the white UPVC keeps your room light & bright, and most of the light comes through the glazed windows of your conservatory.



What parts of the country do you cover?

We’re Nationwide coverage



Do you provide a plaster finish as well as uPVC?

in most cases yes we most certainly do.



Can you make my conservatory more private?

Yes, we have a tried and tested solution for this, just ask one of our friendly sales team who will be happy to help & advise.



I’m a bit confused I don’t know who to trust, because every company I call, say that their insulation is the best for insulating my conservatory roof?

We feel for you we do, it’s becoming a minefield for customers wanting their conservatories insulated. There are so many companies with similar business names popping up online that are using our conservatory roof insulation system concept. Some good and some bad. Our advice to you is to use your due diligence and ask questions such as how long have you been in business insulating conservatories  and how long has your website been online? If something doesn’t seem right and their not  willing to give you straight answers to your questions then look elsewhere.

Our website domain was registered with google over 10 years ago so this tells you we have been online with this particular  domain website for over 10 years, we like to be transparent.



How good is the insulation you use compared to the insulation other companies use?

We only use the best conservatory insulation available, that’s been tried and tested in Real life Too Hot Too Cold Conservatory Conditions,and with over 20 years of positive customer feedback we know were doing it right.

SuperQuilt the insulation we use is the highest performing certified multi-foil in the UK. The benefits of SuperQuilt compared to Rigid PIR Insulation; 1 Layer of Superquilt insulation is equivalent to approx. 80mm of Rigid PIR Insulation like kingspan or extratherm.

To see how our insulation compares against other multi foil insulation take a look at the link below.